On-line Counseling

Information for those interested in online counseling is available here.


On-line Counseling

I practice video-based counseling via www.Doxy.me.
www.Doxy.me is a confidential online counseling ‘room’ that offers many benefits… and a few challenges. Benefits include the elimination of travel, appointments fit more easily into a full day, and in some cases it offers accessibility where there was none. Challenges include the sometimes ‘choppy’ Internet connection which impacts communication and the loss of more nuanced contact that comes from an in-person session. Despite the challenges, on-line counseling can be an ideal solution for accessing counseling. If you prefer video counseling, I do encourage setting your initial session in person.

Practical details for on-line counseling:

  1. You will need access to a computer and a video camera/microphone attached to your computer.
  2. Follow my personalized link to the online session: https://doxy.me/catherinecopelpc
  3. Your ‘call’ will be held in a waiting room until our scheduled appointment time.
  4. Give yourself time to set up the technology for your appointment prior to our appointment time.
  5. Contact me with questions in advance via phone, texting is fine, 828-545-3120

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