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Rather than working our way through an list of intake questions, I begin with a more open-ended approach of getting to know you. I may ask you what you hope to gain from our work together. This approach allows us to begin addressing your intentions for counseling from the start, collecting the related information as we move forward. We can discuss payment and insurance prior to our first appointment, but it is good to review it again at this appointment. I will have a small amount of paperwork for you to complete.
Sessions are scheduled for a 50 minute “therapist’s hour.” We begin by checking in, together deciding what is significant for that appointment. I will offer structure to direct the session, but ultimately, the time is yours and you are welcome at any point to shape the session differently. It is always my intention to be aware of your experience and needs in a session and I will work to tailor each appointment to what is “alive” for you at that time.
Because I schedule only one person per appointment time, each time slot is effectively closed once an appointment is made. At that point, it is no longer available to anyone else. Because of this, I require 24 hours notice for any cancellation. Otherwise, I charge a set fee of $50. I understand it is unpleasant to pay a missed session fee. However, this policy allows me to continue to hold space in my schedule for your sessions while sustaining a stable clinical practice.
The length of treatment is highly variable. It depends on the nature of what you seek to gain in coming for sessions, the amount of complexity tied to that (history and habit have a lot to do with this), and the technique or approaches we utilize. For example, in EMDR, if we choose one specific concern to resolve and you are comfortable focusing solely on that issue, we can move through it in about 8 sessions. Because each person is unique, it is good to ask this question in your session with me. I actually encourage this question periodically if we are working over a longer period of time to ensure we are keeping focused on your goals for our work.
Each therapist will offer a different perspective and approach to counseling. Because of this it can be challenging to find the right person to work with. Take your time researching different therapists. There is excellent care available. If you are considering setting an appointment with me, you are welcome to email or call in order to set up a phone consult.

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